Ingeman Arbnor

Ingeman Arbnor och Hans Majonäs Honungen

Ingeman Arbnor has been both a professor and a pioneer within the academic community in Scandinavia for many years. He has also made a name for himself as an entrepreneur in the field of establishing and running business training and development centres in cooperation with multinational corporations in Sweden. Among other business accomplishments, he has started a Venture Competence Invest, and founded an academy for venture management education; the Academy of Knowledge in Sweden.

He has collected his theory of science and business oriented experience in 14 published books so far. The largest daily paper in Sweden writes, "When he stands there with his gestures, his fast language and his philosophical conviction, he knows exactly what various decision makers in front of him want to know: They want him to talk about what is personal, about existential conditions of life, about the qualities of being." Sweden's largest business paper says that he "is full of ideas and works with passion for what he believes in - the possibility for man to develop. He rarely walks the charted paths." Since 1990 he has been a member of the expert group to the Swedish Association of Graduates in Business Administration and Economics.

Ingeman Arbnor was born in 1949 and - as one of the best junior gymnasts in Sweden in the 1960s - he earned his undergraduate degree in economic subjects with a sporty zeal and a few years later, as one of the youngest doctoral candidates in Sweden, presented his dissertation containing what is now considered classic methodological reorientations. A few years, later Arbnor was appointed to his first professorial position in Business Methodology. In 1998 Arbnor received a prize from the hands of His Royal Highness the King of Sweden for having developed and carried through the best tertiary level educational programme of Entrepreneurship in Sweden.