To an artistic doctrine of business and organizations, which aims to deliver the potential in what is factual.
Meet the leadership of, and a vision for, a beautiful, creative and entrepreneurial working life.

Ingeman Arbnor’s four latest books

SNS Förlag 2004
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Liber 2006

Sage 2009

Arbnor Pub. 2009
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Praise for the authorship of Arbnor

"His written language is colourful, vigorous and ‘loaded’ with inspired energy, but also hits where it hurts. Maybe he represents what Sweden needs today: much more unique personalities, which dare to broaden the horizons and cut loose from obsolete conventional ways of thinking. His writings are real comprehensive and very useful for each and everyone engaged in development, change and leadership in any form."

Bengt Larsson, Ex-president IKEA International Region Europe

"I regard Ingeman Arbnor as a necessary counterbalance to those mechanistic orientations that transform people to numerals. He has got the insight that it all starts with self-knowledge. There are few people like him who can merge deep cultural values with science and business. Furthermore, he writes absorbing and captivating, and you can feel that his struggle against the mechanistic view of man emerges from the depths of his heart."

Eva Moberg, author

"Arbnor and Bjerke's deep insight into theory construction and their honest appraisal of knowledge creation makes this edition absolutely essential for business scholars"

Morgan Miles, Professor of Marketing, Georgia Southern University

"These are two authors on top of their game, using their vast experience and depth of knowledge to present a complex topic in a framework which is understandable and usable by anyone doing academic research"

David Carson, Professor of Marketing, University of Ulster