• Interlocutor/Mentor for Management Teams.
  • Speaker/Educator.
  • Developer/Creator of Management and Leadership Training, and Programs for Business and Organizational Development.
  • Creator of Methods/Concepts/Discourses of, and Investigator/Researcher in, Leadership, Business Development, Organizational Change and Business Intelligence.

Arbnor has over 30 years experience from these fields and he is a real combination of an entrepreneurial actor in business, business theory, methodology, and theory of science. Early in the 1970s he started Sweden’s first version of the Yellow Pages. He has published 14 books on various topics in Business, Management and Theory of Science. He is the founder of an actors approach and an artistic theory of management and organization. Professor Arbnor is now working as a consultant since a couple of years for some world leading multinationals on R&D matters and for some entrepreneurial smaller domestic corporations with unique patents.

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